Consistently producing elite level event horses

Katie Ruppel, originally from Kalamazoo, MI, has been competing at the Advanced level for the past 10 years. Ruppel, now based in Anthony, FL, continues to develop her growing business through the time and passion she has for the sport. Our farm is located in the heart of Anthony, with a large dressage ring, beautiful jump field, and a great track! The farm is located close to all the major facilities in Ocala and provides a wonderful atmosphere for Katie’s future endeavors.

As a lifelong equestrian and avid competitor, Katie currently focuses her time on producing horses to the top of the sport while teaching lessons and running her own breeding/sales program. Once a member of the USEF High-Performance list, Katie has continued to represent her country at the highest of levels; completing multiple CCI4* and continuing to develop a strong string of FEI horses. When she’s not traveling nationally (or internationally) with the FEI string, she focuses her time on producing the next generation of young horses.

Katie runs a successful breeding program and starts these horses from their very first day. She’s seen the utmost success in developing the youngsters into incredible competitors for not only her personal string of horses but also for her sales program. It’s incredibly special to see one of her own turn into a successful partner for another individual. This has truly shaped her riding career in its entirety by developing a successful breeding and sales program while competing a strong string of upper-level horses.

Katie is dedicated to helping clients in their equestrian endeavors. Whether she’s helping you achieve your goal or helping you find your next partner, she’s invested in understanding and pushing you to reach that goal. Please contact us today to learn more about her program and how being a part of her team will help you!



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Ocala, FL

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